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Atomacon Schedule-Literary Guest

Atomocon Returning to Atomacon

The picture on the left is from my first attendance at Atomacon. It’s from 2013, and I’ve excited to be returning to North Charleston for my third adventure. I’m sure to see familiar faces, but this year, Mocha Memoirs Press will be showcasing An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Stop by and join us!

Here are my panels:

11/13/15-Friday, 9pm-Pirates and Rogues: Why Writing Bad Guys is Fun!

2:30 Book Launch
4:00 Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings
5:00 All Things Sherlock

11:00 Breaking Out of Central Casting
12:00 Using Real Places in Your Writing

It’s going to be a blast!

Cover Reveal: Lost Trails: Forgotten Tales of the Weird West

Forgotten Tales of the Weird West
Forgotten Tales of the Weird West

My weird west short story, “Justice,” was accepted by Cynthia Ward for inclusion in this special diversity-oriented anthology of weird western stories. The project appealed to me because I write weird westerns. Having living in the four corners area of New Mexico, Gallup, for over six years, I had a deep respect, fascination and love of the Southwest, the Dine people and the west in particular. Because I’m a speculative fiction author (science fiction, horror, fantasy), my western stories always came out weird.

The first volume’s cover was revealed this past weekend, and I’m sharing it with you. I’m very pleased with the imagery, the beauty, and the title. These are stories, of peoples that the glorified Hollywood and television shows and movies either forgot entirely or marginalized. I’m thrilled that Wolfsinger Publication decided to take on this project and titled it accordingly.

While as guest at Con-gregate, I spoke on the Weird Western Panel about those other groups of people that lived in the American west, but whose stories are often overlooked. Gail Martin and Misty Massy along with others also commented on the diversity of the west and how weird westerns help tell those tales.

What do you think of the anthology’s cover? Would these be stories you want to read? Why? Why not?

“Sweet Tooth” will make its debut in The Big Bad, Volume 2: Release 2/24/15

TheBigBadV2 February is Women in Horror Month, and also Black History Month. My horror contributions have been numerous in several anthologies, but none had given me greater pleasure than writing “Sweet Tooth” for Dark Oak Press’s THE BIG BAD, VOLUME 2: BIGGER AND BADDER. This awesome collection of villainy is edited by John G. Hartness and Emily Lavin Leverett. Included in this anthology are stories written by authors far more amazing than myself, such as Edmund Schubert, Selah Janel, Bobby Nash, Eden Royce, Gail Martin and Misty Massey to name a few.

So, I encourage you to purchase this collection of amazing horror written from the standpoint of the villain when it drops on 2/24/15. In the meantime, you can stop by and read my guest blog about the Evolution of Evil and my horror short story, “Sweet Tooth” that is included in The Big Bad, Volume 2.

In the blog I discuss the Atlanta Child Murders, 80s horrors and the real terror of growing up in a housing projects.

Go here to read more http://ow.ly/In7r4 ‪#‎WiHM666‬