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What’s a Street Team?

What’s a Street Team?

In the ever-changing world of hybrid publishing, reader support is essential for authors. It can be the difference between a successful book launch and a crash landing. I’ve been published as a hybrid author since 1998, long before #Kindle and #KDP ease of publishing; however, one thing remains the same–reader support.

One of the most popular and mutually beneficial to authors and readers is having a street team. “Members of a street team are motivated by their love of an author’s work to promote it to as many people as possible (iUniverse).” According to Wikipedia, a street team is a marketing term used to describe a group of people who, “hit the streets” to promote an event or a product. Early Hip Hop and Rap stars utilized street teams and grassroots marketing to launch the new genre from the streets to mainstream radio. It sidestepped and was much less expensive than print, radio, and other methods of marketing.

For hybrid authors, street teams allows us to interact with readers while at the same time providing readers with a more unique or closer interaction to authors.

Some of the actions members of a street teams perform are:

  • Distribute fliers
  • Read Advance Reader Copy of upcoming releases
  • Post reviews
  • Conduct book blasts on their blogs
  • Host FB/Twitter parties
  • Promote the author’s latest release or books on social media platforms
  • Distribute postcards/bookmarks at events
  • Posting flyers are public locations
  • Requesting copies of the book for libraries

These are just some of the actions street team members perform. In exchange, the volunteers of the street team would receive either points toward exclusives, giveaways, etc. Each challenge the street team members completes is rewarded in some fashion (either by opportunities to enter drawings or getting exclusive items).

Together, the literary street team will share their love for the books with the world. 🙂

Excerpt from DEVOURER: A Minister Knight Novel


Today is my book birthday! The second in my Minister Knight of Souls series, Devourer, is available in

ebook and print editions. It’s always a pleasure to return to Veloris, the Ice Planet, but this journey took years, many revisions, and labor before Devourer came to life. So, help me celebrate her birth. She’s already received 5 Star Reviews over at Amazon, so I think Akub is off to a great start.

Instead of a birth announcement, I’m going to give you a brief excerpt from the novel.

“You’re the Devourer.” The queen nodded at Akub.

“Yes.” Akub crossed her arms and readied herself for the onslaught of questions.

“A former member of Valek’s network of spies and thieves; a weaver whose bloodlust devoured all common decency and compassion. Your reputation as a ruthless killer precedes you.”

“I killed no one.” Akub’s tone was sharp.

The queen’s cold gray eyes narrowed. “The Devourer ate the souls and trust of everyone she encountered. Many fell in battles, in the war, because of your efforts.”

Akub couldn’t deny those words. Some truths settled in uncomfortable pain in her memory and in her heart. No matter how much good she did, the sticky and oily stain covered her . Her spirit would never be unblemished.

Octiva’s words about forgiveness echoed in her mind. Her actions had less to do with pleasing others than proving to herself that she could do righteous and good acts. When everywhere she went, her past as the Devourer preceded, and few gave her opportunities to be anything else, other than what they wanted—their bogeyman, their horror.

Akub would be those things no more. She threw off her tapestry of shame.

“Those deeds lie in my past, your highness. For many years, I’ve traveled and devoted my life to spreading goodwill.” Even to her own ears, it sounded as if Akub meant to justify her actions—as if anything she did could.

End Excerpt

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