Short Stories

Read Nicole’s short trips to other worlds, published in these fine magazines, ezines, and anthologies.

1998    “Pulled Over: The Midnight Journey” published by

2001    “S and M” published by Orpheus Romance

2001    “Friendship” published by Orpheus Romance

2005    “Los Lunas” published in Tales of the Talisman

2005    A Stranger to Veloris Comes published by Double Dragon Publishing

2006    “Justice” published in Tales of the Talisman

2009    “Reunited” published in Space Cops Anthology

2010    “Justice” reprinted in Six Guns Straight from Hell anthology

2010    “Recruited” published by Parker Publishing, LLC

2010    “Unhinged: A Tale of Three Brothers” published in Made You Flinch Anthology

2011    “We Shall Overcome” published in Crossed Genres Quarterly

2015    “Sweet Tooth” published in The Big Bad, Volume II

2015    “The Salesman” published in X Horror Anthology

2015    “Reanimated” published in Athena’s Daughters, Volume II anthology

2015    “The Faucet” published in Waiting Horror Anthology

2015    “The Trader” reprinted in Idle Hands Horror Anthology

2015    “Justice” reprinted in Lost Trails: Forgotten Tales of the Weird West

2015    “Trace, Soul Snatcher” published in New Legends Visual Adjectives Anthology

2016    “Kanti’s Black Box” published in The Martian Anthology      

2016    “Pulled Over the Midnight Journey” reprinted in Supernatural Horror Anthology

2016    “Shooting the Stars,” published in Lightships & Sabers Anthology

2016    “KQ’” published in Lost Trails: Forgotten Tales of the Weird West, Volume II

2016    “Sunshine” published in Black Girl Magic Magazine

2016    “Dark August Rain” published in Rain Horror Anthology

2016    “Angel in Seat 9B” published in Passengers Horror Anthology

2016    “Death’s Harvest” published in Street Magick Anthology

2017    “Headstrong: A Minister Knight Tale” published in We are Not This Anthology

2017    “Rise” published in Bram Stoker™ finalist in Horror, Sycorax’s Daughters

2017    “Belly Speaker,” published in Lawless Lands: Tales of the Weird West anthology

2017    “The Wicked Wild” published in Baen’s Straight Outta Tombstone anthology

2017    “The Becoming” published in The Endless Age Anthology

2017    “Sparks Out” published in Disharmony of the Spheres anthology

2018    “Blood Magnolia” published in Black Magic Women: 18 Horror Stories by Black  Women

2018    “KQ’” reprinted in Sirens Call Magazine

2018    “Oni Soars” published in Scribes of Nyota: Mystics Anthology

2018    “Shooting the Stars” reprinted in Odd Tales of Wonder Magazine #10

2018    “Lipstick Smiles” published on Nightlight Horror Podcast

2019    “Reanimated” reprinted in Re-Terrify Horror Anthology

2019    “Dogwood Stories” publishing in Diabolical Plots magazine

2019    “Yellow Smoke” published in Black From the Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Writing