Cybil Lewis is Back!

Silenced_A Cybil Lewis NovelMy iconic character is back! Cybil Lewis’s series began with the first novel, SILENCED, which was previously published by Parker Publishing. Out of print since 2015, Cybil’s first thriller is back in print, courtesy of Mocha Memoirs Press.

Here’s what the critics had to say about SILENCED.

“Silenced” is a great combination of science fiction and murder mystery…” Amazon 5 Star Review

“…As a reader who really enjoys science fiction/fantasy books, I need to have solid characters in a very convincing fantasy world conquering real life battles. Kurtz has done this with Silenced. The Cybil Lewis series is definitely a series not to be missed…” 5 Star Review by LisaLovesBigBooks


SILENCED: A Cybil Lewis Novel is available in e-book and in print.

Blurb: In the ruins of the collapsed United States, private inspector, Cybil Lewis and her inspector-in-training, Jane, fill a need. When Jane insiste they look into her cousin’s disappearance , Cybil agrees and is catapulted into a world of lies and deceit. As they investigate, they move far into the reaches of the divided states and deep into the upper crest of political turmoil. Caught up in the maelstrom of betrayal and corruption, Cybil and Jane unearth long buried secrets and survive attempts on their lives.

As they move closer to the truth, they discover that the people, who are entrusted with the safety of the territories, will do anything to keep their secrets, including murder. Especially murder.

Cybil and Jane will do what they must to get to the truth. They will never be SILENCED.

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