Latest Review of SILENCED: A Cybil Lewis Novel


I returned from my fun and adventurous trip to Atlanta’s Anachrocon-Weird Western Tales to find another treasure in my inbox. A review of SILENCED: A CYBIL LEWIS Novel by Bullspec. 

As with any review, I want the feedback, but I clicked the button with my emotions balanced between fear and anticipation.

I relaxed when I saw that they actually liked it. You can read the entire review, in it’s entirety at Bullspec. 

I will share a small snippet that made me smile.

So we have a truly diverse future set against a half-destroyed United States. The plot was sufficiently complicated and twisty that it drew Your Humble Reviewers in and kept us from guessing what would be revealed next. We would love to see more mysteries from this author as the plot twists and hidden relationships kept us turning the pages!