My Ravencon Schedule. Join Me, Friday, April 22nd-Sunday, April 24th

Congregate10`4  Got weekend plans? No? Join me and 100 other fantastic authors and media guests at Ravencon, in Richmond, Virginia. This is the con of opportunity. This is their 10th anniversary and the guest of honor is Allen Steele.

If you do have plans, they may not be as entertaining and as eventful as this! 🙂


Here’s my schedule of panels and readings. Stop by. Say hello. Buy some books (shameless, I know).


7 pm (Opening Ceremony) Rooms E & F

2 pm (Signing) Dealers’ Room

4 pm (Reading) Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading / Chesterfield

7 pm (Panel) Weird Westerns / York / Moderator

8 pm (Panel) Beyond Xena and Leia / Anna

11 pm (Panel) Want To See Something Really Scary?

11 am (Panel) The Racism of “Ancient Aliens”

I hope to see you there!